Jeep JK LED Light Bars

High Performance Lights Shouldn't Cost Millions

We have one goal here at Competition LED, that is to provide you with true high quality, real performing lights for your vehicle. The lights we sell are not your typical ebaycraigslist specials with a fancy name and no performance. Our lights are the real deal. Everyone always asks, "where do your lights stack up against the competition?" We stack straight up with the best in the industry. The big difference is, we don't overcharge you for that performance.

 50" Led Light Bars

We found there was 2 distinct ends of the spectrum for led lights, inexpensive brands are poorly designed and constructed, and don't have the kind of output you expect from a high end light. On the other side, there are some very good lights out there. They are well built and do perform to their expectations, but they also bring a premium price tag with them. 

JK Light Bar

Our Goal is to bring you lights that are very well built, use top quality components like Cree leds, GE Lexan lenses, Tyco relays, have an unbeatable warranty, but don't cost millions to own. Our lights are priced at nearly half that of our biggest competitors and typically out perform them. You will also find our lights have many details others forget. All of our Single Row and Dual Row Light Bars as well as our Race Lights feature our Racelok Stainless Steel Brackets that keep the light locked in place. All of our Light Bars, Pods, Race Lights, and even our Mini's have a waterproof pressure vent to keep condensation out of the light under all kinds of weather conditions, from extreme heat to freezing cold. 

JK Light Pods

Beyond construction, the real thing comes down to what happens when you flip the switch, that's where our lights shine, literally. Our reflector design provides the best output for the LED chip placed inside of it. Our Spots have a deep smooth cone for a well focused beam delivering the longest range. Our Floods have a vertical step design giving both a focused forward spot, and an additional 40 degrees of beam width. Those "dot matrix" style floods some companies use simply scatter the beam wasting all of it's ability to reach long range.

Jeep LED Lights

So when you're comparing lights to buy for your own rig, don't be confused by our pricing, we feel you shouldn't have to break the bank to buy a real light worthy of the rig you're putting it on, look no further than Competition LED.

Jeep JK LED Light Bars

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