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Nerf an Uber! Competition Light Bar 1, Uber 0

Who wouldn't want to nerf an uber out of their way. Well down in Baja, you never know what could happen. One of our Competition LED teams were down in Mexico to race one of the legs in this years Baja 1000. Loaded with one of our Competition Single Row 30" bars, they preran their section of the course.

30 inch light bar

With our light bar lighting the way, they encountered many of the typical Baja things like catus and jumping cholla. They didn't quite expect a COW on course though, but with the light bright enough to see that in the distance they were able to avoid it without incident. The one thing they were not able to avoid was the horrible uber driver that ended up getting a bump. Make no mistake, they were not trying to nerf them off the road intentionally (but wouldn't it be fun). The Competition 30 inch light bar took the hit like a champ and never even moved.

baja 1000

During the race Adam and codriver Scott managed to move the truck up to 4th from 6th, handing the truck off at race mile 605 for the rest of the Shaffers offroad team to eventually finish 3rd in their class 7 truck.

baja 1000

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