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Someone say Roadtrip?
One of the great benefits of working in this company is getting to meet up with some of the great people in the automotive industry. Thursday, I visited with the great guys over at OnPoint Connections in Enfield CT. to show them some light bar options for a big project they have coming up. On the way home, I got an email from Axis Fabrication down in Waynesboro Virginia needing a set of the Race 8.5, and Race 7.0 lights for a build by the weekend. Knowing the importance of getting these lights to them without delay, I loaded up the Rubicon and headed out early morning. Despite the crazy traffic and severe weather, it was a great opportunity to keep in touch with another one of Competition LED's official dealers. Alan and the crew build some incredible rock crawling and offroad racing machines, including a single seat vw powered unlimited comp buggy. Heading out, made a quick stop at Waffle House to fuel up. On the way home, I took a detour to visit some friends that were competing at the WE ROCK event at Rausch Creek. Got a chance to catch up with fellow sponsors of the Sean Haluch Racing team, Cora and Erik from Torq-Masters, and discuss some of the next races on the schedule. Back on the road just after midnight, I was able to reflect about how great it is to work in an industry that has so many great people involved in it that are so passionate about what they do. I'm honored when I get a call from some of the best in the industry looking for Competition LED lights, and makes me proud of the great products we sell.

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