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Jeep JK LED Light Bars

High Performance Lights Shouldn't Cost Millions

We have one goal here at Competition LED, that is to provide you with true high quality, real performing lights for your vehicle. The lights we sell are not your typical ebaycraigslist specials with a fancy name and no performance. Our lights are the real deal.
solar eclipse 2017 competition led

What's Brighter, the Total Solar Eclipse or our 50 inch Light bars?

This Monday, North America will be treated to a total Solar Eclipse. While those views may be one of natures most awe inspiring light shows, it will only last a moment. 
Team Competition LED Racing

Races and Events, Competition LED is there.

It's been a very busy last few weeks for both Competition LED and our race teams.

Field and Forest tire battle Civil War 2017

Competition LED was on location for the Facebook inspired hill killing tire battle, "Civil War 2017" at the ever popular Field and Forest recreation area.

 Off Road Nights 2017

Our west coast team led by Jordan White was out at the always exciting Off Road Nights event in California. They had a booth set up right in the middle of all the action.

Jeep Jam 2017

Next, Competition LED supplied some raffle items for the local Jeep Jam 2017 event.

Ultra4 Racing Battle in Bluegrass 2017

Our east coast UTV team Sean Haluch Racing attended the Ultra4 Racing Battle in Bluegrass finishing on the podium in second place at this major national event.

The Dirt Series 2017

And finishing off the weekend, west coast team Jordan White competed at The Dirt Series finishing forth, giving Team Competition LED another top 5 finish.

It's been very busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Look for us at more upcoming races and events.

Ready to Race!

Ready to Race!

It was a busy weekend for our 2 Competition LED race teams. Jordan White tearing up the west coast racing, just got in his new Competition LED light package to run on his well equipped RZR 800. Look for him lighting the scene in the district 38 Desert Race series as well as others coming up soon. 

Sean Haluch Racing was busy out at Line Mountain this weekend for the annual 3.5 Miler. It was an extremely wet race after getting several inches of rain the days before. I have the privilege of co-driving with Sean in his XP1000. We run the headlights during every race to help with the shadows on the course, and those few moments of change from bright fields to dark woods. They had their waterproof abilities tested the entire race, proving just how stout these lights are. Sean and I finished a solid Second, and maintain the points lead in the series.

July 17, 2017 by Mark Shea