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The Biggest Cheapest Light, or the RIGHT LIGHT

We see a lot of big cheap lights out there, but when talking to people they never seem satisfied with them. There seems to be lots of reasons for this, the "I'll just bolt it on where ever and if it breaks so what, it was cheap" or the "It's gotta be good cause it's huge!" 

Well here at Competition LED, we try to educate the consumer about getting the RIGHT light for their use, that is why we offer many different models in many different sizes. 
If you are a hard core wheeler or racer, we suggest running our Competition Single Row Lights up inside the cage. This location still gives you great overhead lighting for seeing over obstacles or rollers in the track. Being inside the cage protects the light from damage while the slim profile of the single row tucks up neatly out of the way. No light is any good if it's broken.

Single Row 10" Light Bar

When riding or racing in dusty or fog conditions, a lower mounted light is beneficial keeping the glare to a minimum. Adding an Amber lens can also reduce the glare as well. For this we offer several different lights for that. Our Competition Pods, and smaller Competition Dual Row Lights, like the 10", can fit those needs, or even our Competition Race Series Lights

race 5.7 led light

Having the RIGHT combination of the RIGHT lights will give you the best results.

10" dual row light bar

Whether you've got a daily driver looking for more light on those dark back country roads

40 inch single row light bar

Or something more

LED Lights

Competition LED has you covered

offroad lights

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