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What's Brighter, the Total Solar Eclipse or our 50 inch Light bars?

This Monday, North America will be treated to a total Solar Eclipse. While those views may be one of natures most awe inspiring light shows, it will only last a moment. 

For the rest of us that want awe inspiring light every time we hit the trail, we bring you our 50 Inch Light Bars. We offer 3 different styles, Dual Row, Dual Row Curved, and Single Row. All three are available with 5 Watt LED's and the dual row models are available in 3 Watt versions. These light bars are designed to give you the most output available for a light bar this size. 

competition led light bars

Make no mistake, our light bars are true performers, not cheap impostors. We spent a lot of time designing the reflectors to provide the most output for the longest range. Because of that, these lights will outperform the biggest names in the industry hands down, and at half the price.

solar eclipse competition led 2017

Still not convinced? Take a look at our reflectors and you can quickly see the difference. The spot beam is a large smooth well shaped cone focusing the light far ahead with no restrictions. The flood beam is even easier to compare. It has a stepped cone reflecting all the usable light forward similar to what a modern headlight reflectors do. Low quality lights have a checkerboard look to their reflectors, which not only destroys any chance of beam focus, it also eliminates any actual distance. What you end up with is just a scattered light beam that seems bright in front of you, but doesn't actually illuminate whats ahead where you really need it. 

So if you're looking for a light bar that can compete with the sun, look no further than Competition LED.

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