About Us

Competition Led was founded on the principle of delivering the highest quality, best performing lights at an affordable price. The owner, both an avid off-roader and racer, as well as a 12v expert and electrical engineer, designed items like a patented hybrid power system for the mobile broadcast market. Putting his 12-volt expertise to work, he teamed up with an optical engineer to design some of the best lights to hit the market. Attention to every detail sets Competition Led lights apart from the rest. By working with some of the best racers in the country, we continue to push the envelope of durability and performance, making it possible to bring you a superior product. Items like the JK/JL driving light kit, Desert Vision, and the Race 8.5, the brightest large round light in its category, all came from our relentless drive to offer the best. We are proud to offer you the best led off-road lights money can buy.