Competition LED a Leader in Off Road Lighting

Competition LED has established itself among the leaders in LED Lighting, we have become a favorite with recreational wheelers, top off road shops, and racers across the country. We have already been across the stage in some of the countries biggest races including The King of the Hammers, and The Mint 400.

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When it comes to what makes a quality light, there are some very distinct differences between true high quality, and the impostors. Those differences are quickly noticed just looking at the reflector, which is the heart of the lights performance.

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The spot beam should be a large smooth well shaped cone focusing the light far ahead with no restrictions. While it's not so easy to compare the spots, the flood beam is much easier to notice. Our flood beam has a stepped cone reflecting all the usable light forward adding 40 degrees of width, similar to what a modern headlight reflector does. This ensures the most output possible from each individual LED. Low quality lights have a checkerboard look to their reflectors, which not only destroys any chance of beam focus, it also eliminates any actual distance. What you end up with is just a scattered light beam that seems bright right in front of you, but doesn't actually illuminate whats ahead where you really need it most.

Competition LED waterproof breather

Durability and long performance life is another important factor when choosing your lights. Our lights are all IP69K Waterproof Certified. This is the top rating among all of the brands on the market, even beating some as much as twice the price. Another important feature found on all of our lights, is a waterproof breather. This breather allows the expansion and contraction of pressure within the light as it warms up and cools off. This prevents the possibility of condensation buildup and gasket failure. 

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We are so confident in the quality and durability, that we cover every light we sell, with our Limited Lifetime Warranty* 

And for those still on the fence, we've got you covered. Want to have the light in your hand to see just how good our products are, have no fear! We also back our lights with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee* 

So when it comes time for you to choose your next LED Light or Light Bar, look no further than Competition LED. There really is no other competition.

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*please see our product warranty page for details on both our Limited Lifetime Warranty and our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee