Competition LED Dual Row Light Bars

Competition LED Dual Row Light Bars are built second to none. These light bars feature top quality, high intensity, grade A Cree LEDs, and high strength pc boards, designed to handle the demands and abuse from 4 wheeling and offroad racing. The housing features a dual oversize heat sink keeping the components cool for maximum life and performance. Durable Dupont coating, a GE Lexan lens, and military spec breather, make these lights not only indestructible, but are also IP69K waterproof certified. Our patented optical reflector, is what really separates our light bars from the competition. The specific shape of the reflector is the heart of how well it performs. Competition LED reflectors optimize the output of the led to give you a well focused long range beam allowing you to see further down the road. The combination of all these factors give you the best performance dollar for dollar against the biggest, and typically the most expensive, other light manufacturers on the market. Our 5 watt Competition Dual Row 50"  LED Light Bar gives you a whopping 28,000 lumens of output. Stainless Steel Racelok brackets feature a locking bolt to ensure the light stays aimed where you want even under the most abusive conditions. We stand behind all of our dual row led light bars with our Limited Lifetime Warranty, as well as our 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.