What makes Competition LED better than the rest?

What makes Competition LED better then the rest?  You may look at our website and think because we don't have a million different models, we must not be that good. Well what we have done here at Competition LED is look at the specific needs of what people really want and apply the best technology available to achieve that. If you want a more steath light, like one of our Single Row Light Bars, why not get the most out of it and build them all with 5 watt leds. The same goes with the small Dual Rows. We do offer our larger Dual Rows, and Curved Dual Rows, in a 3 watt option for those with specific current draw limits, like on a Polaris RZR. We follow the same philosophy with the Competition Pods. The Spot and Flood models feature all 10 watt leds for the most output possible. The Driving Pod features 5 watt leds to give you a street legal 30 watt light. The Amber model has 3 watt amber leds to cut under the fog and dust where long distance is not the requirement for use. The Race Series round and rectangular lights feature 3 watt leds in a high concentration for the ultimate in high speed long range needs while maintaining proper heat dissipation when used hours on end in an endurance race like Baja. If you have any questions on what will work the best for your application, please call us, we would be happy to answer them for you.